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The passion for music and his dedication to his community have turned Johnny Fuoco into one of the iconic figures of the Fraser Valley Italian-Canadian Society.  Forever young and always ready to sing and dance, our Johnny is a vital part of many of our events.

Johnny Fuoco 



Being Married to an Italian is one thing ,

but being married to the president of the FVICS is a bit different. 

The ever present always ready to help attitude is the main thing that we all know about Jan but there is much more to her than that. She not only a great member of our community but also a kind and compassionate person that is always ready to give a hand.


Fausto Paolella

One of our founding fathers and still an active member of the club, Fausto is a constant that that we can always relay on. Whether it is for organizing the tables for a party or preparing food he is always ready to help and to land his experience to the directors. 

He is an unstoppable force that springs to his feet faster than all the younger directors!

Thank you for helping to create our beloved club and to still take care of it like the first day.

Many other stories to come......